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Automotive connector design requirements

There are about 1500 connections in one light-vehicle, 50% to 60% connections is for distribution functions.

sunkye--connector manufacturer

sunkye--automotive connector manufacturer

Automotive connectors are applied to harsh environment, such as -40oC to 155oC operating temperature, vibration, oxidation, friction and corrosion, etc; it increased difficulty of connector design.

In order to ensure the connection, we need pay attention to below factors when designing except meeting the standard of USCAR-20;

1.       Good interconnect performance
2.       Stable normal forces
3.       Steady current and voltage
4.       Robustness
5.       Suitable for harsh environment application
6.       Insertion force <20.5kg
7.       Retention force >2.5kg
8.       Operating temperature -40oC to 120oC

Connector designers also need find and analyze the physical and mechanical phenomena which will affect connector performance, evaluating connector stability with precision test according to automotive manufacturers’ application and performance requirements.