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Automotive connector design requirements

There are about 1500 connections in one light-vehicle, 50% to 60% connections is for distribution functions.

sunkye--connector manufacturer

sunkye--automotive connector manufacturer

Automotive connectors are applied to harsh environment, such as -40oC to 155oC operating temperature, vibration, oxidation, friction and corrosion, etc; it increased difficulty of connector design.

In order to ensure the connection, we need pay attention to below factors when designing except meeting the standard of USCAR-20;

1.       Good interconnect performance
2.       Stable normal forces
3.       Steady current and voltage
4.       Robustness
5.       Suitable for harsh environment application
6.       Insertion force <20.5kg
7.       Retention force >2.5kg
8.       Operating temperature -40oC to 120oC

Connector designers also need find and analyze the physical and mechanical phenomena which will affect connector performance, evaluating connector stability with precision test according to automotive manufacturers’ application and performance requirements.


The Basic Knowledge of Automobile Connectors

The connector is commonly-used electric device, it plays the role of circuits connection, and its types can be divided into network connector, optical fiber connector and industrial connector etc., here let’s get to know about some basic knowledge of automobile connectors.

The automobile connector is mainly used in the electronic engineering technology, it is simple but very important, it connects the isolated circuits and keep them clear and energized. The automobile connector consist of four parts, contact, insulator, accessory and shell.

A car needs thousands types of connectors, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people require higher for car, such as the comfort, safety and environmental protection, therefore the relative electric products are increasing, and the automobile connectors are increasing accordingly.

Thought automobile connector is small in appearance, it is very important, if a connector lacks, the car can’t operate well even stop to work, so the protection for connectors as important as the maintenance for maintenance ,we must pay enough attention for this.


Military optical cable connector

Military optical cable connector is designed for field operations equipments, with bayonet coupling mechanism and mis-operation design, mating type is plug-to-plug, plug-to-receptacle, and receptacle-to-receptacle. Advantages are low connection loss, high reliability, robust, waterproof, anti-dust and can be applied in harsh environment, etc.

Application: military optical fiber communication networks, military computer, airborne equipment, shipboard equipment, optical cable repair system, etc.


1.       No need flange or adaptor, fast connection;

2.       With guide pin, avoid mis-operation, high-precision contacts ensured fiber connection precision, compatibility and repeatability;

3.       Outer shell material is all dielectric and high strength composite, light weight, high strength can avoid electro-magnetic induction and protect equipments.

4.       With back shell on plug and receptacle, anti-dust

5.       Standard ceramic pin and outer shell size, suitable for current equipments.


High-speed Connectors Require Topspeed

With the advancement of technology, the electronic products are getting more demanding for the information transfer rate. The well-known manufacturers, such as the molex, Tyco, Snecma devoted great efforts to research and develop high-speed connector in the last ten years, which increase the transmission speed very fast, the speed ​​has increased from 0.1Gbps to more than 10Gbps,under such fast growth conditions, the high-speed communication connector requires topspeed and keep sustaining innovations as well.

If you want to pass the speed around 1Gbps,2mm hard metric connector will be fine,if 5Gbps, the special 2mm hard metric crimp connector is required, if 10Gbps, fiber optic backplane or Snecma H02 high speed connector is suggested, if 40Gbps or higher ,a project is a must.

The 5Gbps high-speed communication connector with 600mm cable and FR4 PCB material is more popular, in such integration circuit, the connector play very important role, however the 5Gbps connector has become the bottleneck of high-speed design. For  5Gbps connectors, the variable factors is choosing low-loss medium as PCB material, proceeding alternate hole in through-hole design and adopting coupled differential traces. But the frequency response, impedance, crosstalk, time delay, propagation delay are fixed factors. From the interface to PCB, the user can consider stubbing effect, footprint noise and must increase the anti-pad and trace shape.

The ERmet ZD connector of German ERNI Group is high-speed and high compatibility communication connector, which is one of the typical products of the 2mm HM connector and designed especially for high-speed differential applications, support speeds over 5.0Gbps. ERmet ZD has also been adopted by some international standards, ERmet ZD as a connector of the high-speed communications, the VITA standards body selected it as the latest connecting component for serial computing architecture VITA 34.

Tyco, Snecma and other famous connector manufacturers have intensified to research and develop high-speed communication connector, because the fiber optic connectors have great advantages in transmission rate and information accommodation. Human wisdom is infinite, we believe that high-speed communication connector will continuously to surpass the connector transmission speed.


Choose the right industrial connector

The whole equipment’s performance will be influenced by a small connector, so a right connector is absolutely vital, how to choose the right industrial connector? Below are the key points we should pay attention to;

1. Connector type -It is decided by applications, whether the hermetic sealed need be enhanced or back shell shall be added is upon to the application environment, termination type and contacts no. is chosen according to connector type and spec.

2. Electric property -Rated current, voltage, contact resistance, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, VSWR, EMI shielding effectiveness, etc shall be considered when choosing industrial connectors.

3. Application environment –Humidity and temperature are the main factors. For harsh environment, shock, vibration, production environment (such as temperature for solder, how long it will be taken) also need be noted when choosing connectors.

4. Mechanical requirements –dimension, insertion and extraction force, life time, footprint are very important for choosing the right connectors. For example, PCB layout tolerance is significant for connectors with PCB termination. 


The Manufacturer of Military Connector

The military and aerospace connectors have been developing rapidly in recent years, combining the development of weapons and equipment, six types of military connectors are focus to be developed form the height of the strategic development, the space RF connectors & cable assemblies, high-speed connector, fiber optic connector ,nano-miniature connector, high voltage connector and circular connector.

Form the military connector market overview, as for the product structure of the latest global electronic components, the connector has become the second industry only to the PCB electronic components, the connector standing rises further, military connector is the necessary component which constitute the complete weaponry system. Compare with commercial connector, it is a kind of special, sensitive connector.

The Military connector has a remarkable features, strict manufactured tolerances, rugged construction, high reliability, high cost and resistance to harsh environment. Usually, the connector  used in the military industry include circular connector, rectangular connector, printed circuit board connector, RF connector and a small amount of special connectors.

How to purchase military connector? Nowadays, there are many global connector manufacturers, but only a few are able to produce military connector in the true sense. Snecma is a professional military connector manufacturer who has 65-years experience in design, R & D and manufacturing, and can provide the best connector solutions, with competitive price, professional team and the best service, Snecma earned good reputation.