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Sealing Electrical Connectors with ceramic to metal seals

When engineers design a seal for feedthroughs and other electrical connectors electrical connectors, four general classes of material are evaluated. At the low end, a simple epoxy or glue may suffice. Alternatively, a mechanical seal with an elastomer o-ring can provide a somewhat more robust solution. For more demanding applications, glass seals connectors are effective in preventing leakage during severe changes in temperature, pressure and humidity.

The highest performance electrical seal systems employ ceramics for exceptional resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, as well as corrosion. However, the superior performance of ceramic versus glass comes at a cost. The ceramic material is typically more expensive than glass and ceramic-to-metal seals require more sophisticated engineering and more complex manufacturing processes.

Therefore, the Alberox Products business of Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC), a world leader in the manufacture of ceramic-to-metal assemblies, recommends the use of ceramic seals in situations where glass seals fail to meet demanding performance requirements of an application. For example: high resistance to thermal and mechanical shock is necessary for many aerospace applications; exceptional corrosion resistance and biocompatibility is required by medical implant devices; and superior dielectric properties are critical to high voltage and high current laser applications.

Advantages of Ceramic
Ceramic-to-metal seals have a number of properties that allow for a more robust, durable hermetic seal and better electrical insulation than glass-to-metal seals. Alberox Products constructs seals primarily with 95% alumina (AL-500®), 97.6% alumina (AL-300®), and 99.5% alumina (AL-995®), as well as 100% pure sapphire and ruby. The polycrystalline alumina materials, such as AL-995, are favored in applications requiring a good heat sink. Sapphire and ruby are single-crystal formulations used for some medical implants and other high-purity applicati.

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How to solve and prevent connector EMI problems

EMI problem will influence connector performance, especially for special applications, military connector, aerospace connector, oil & gas application connectors, etc.

When meeting the EMI problems, below are some methods to solve it.

1.       Put the electro conductive plastics around the connector, as it is soft, this can solve the problem between connector outer shell and gasket.

2.       Engineers shall mount the connector according to connector outer shell tolerance.

3.       Achieve impedance bond between connector and outer shell, ensure connection performance.

4.       Force-cooled design is needed, also shall confirm the sealed function between connector insulator and outer shell. Keep gasket clean.

For I/O common-mode noise, some basic method can solve or reduce it.

1.       Set decoupling capacitor near load point

2.       Pulse current loop size shall be minimized.

3.       High power component shall be kept away from I/O port

4.       Ensure signal integrity

5.       Partial filtering


Miniature connector created to allow for more connections

A push-pull connector is designed to offer the smallest circular housing with the highest performance signal and power currently on market in this combination.

The MiniMax from Connectors manufacturer, Alpharetta, GA, provides a 20 signal (0.5A) and four power (5A) connector with 24 mixed contacts in a circular connector housing profile of less than 7mm, or the size of a push pin. Tested to withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and 1,000 hours of salt water spray, the connector also boasts a durability of more than 500 mating cycles.

It is available in either push-pull, breakaway, or screw lock latching systems. The unbreakable keying system withstands over 4 Nm of torque and the over-molded assemblies are designed to withstand 100lb of pull or
breakaway force.

Created to allow for more connections in a smaller space, the connector is designed so that the power and signal don’t interfere with one another. The manufacturer seeks to offer a balance of performance and cost-effectiveness with the product, which because of its 24-contact configuration enables product designers to use fewer connectors. Because fewer cables are needed, the entire device can become more cost-effective and efficient to manufacture, as well as reliable during use. Suitable applications include portable equipment and communications and medical devices.


Connector raw material LCP feature and application

LCP is the most popular material for connector manufacturing, no matter military connector, aerospace connector, industrial connector, or automotive connector, medical connector.


a.       Self-reinforcement performance, fiber structure is extremely regular

b.       Excellent thermostability, heat resistance and chemical resistance

c.       Good weather resistance, radiation resistance and flame retardant

d.       Good insulation property

e.       High corrosion resistance


a.       Electronics and electric device

b.       PCB board, satellite component, engine parts, automotive components, medical device, etc.

c.       Combined with filler or alloy materials


Six Basic Connector Test Procedures

1.       Physical test
Size, material, high temperature resistance, SMT test, constant temperature and humidity, thermal shock and wire

2.       Chemical test
Finishing, dipping tin, salt-spray

3.       Electric performance test
Connection point, dielectric strength, contact resistance, insulation resistance

4.       Mechanical test
Torque force, insertion and extraction force, swing, evenness, abrupt pull test, retention

5.       RoHS
RoHS-XRF test

6.       High frequency NA/TDR
Impedance, voltage standing wave ratio, return loss, insert loss, capacity.

Above tests is only for industrial electronic connectors; for military or aerospace connectors, some will be plated with nickel or cadmium just as D38999 connectors to apply into harsh environment.

What boost automotive connector market demand?

With the development of automotive industry, connector market is growing very fast, too. Automotive connectors grow into the biggest consumer market, as connector is the key component for electric connection, especially for automotive electronic or communication systems.

The requirement of power connector also increased for the application in automotive audio system and GPS system. Airbags has become standard design for cars; there is also an increase flexible PCB connector demand, which can also promote the green lifestyle, as flexible PCB connector can save the cable amount.

Many connector distributors have found the trend of automotive connector development and make some adjustment in market promotion. Many connector manufacturers provide many benefits to support distributors, AMP, Molex, ITT, Sunkye, etc.

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Miniature waterproof circular connectors

Miniature waterproof circular connectors

Electric connector plating common problems

Electric connector is a very important electronic component for connection, plating on the connectors is also necessary for protection and anti-corrosion, which can also improve connector durability and wearability.

Below is plating common problems and solutions.

1.       Plating layer roughness;
Solution is to dilute the plating bath and adjust other composition.

(2)    Temperature is high.
Solution is to lower temperature.

(3)    Cathodic current density is too high.
Solution is to reduce current density.

(4)    Free ammonia is less.
Solution is to add ammonia.

2.       Plating darkens.
(1)    Main salt level is low.
Solution is to add main salt.

(2)    Ammonium chloride is too high.
Solution is to add main salt or raise the temperature.

(3)    Temperature is too low.
Solution is to raise the temperature.

3.       Plating is too fragile and connection performance is not good.
(1)    Cathodic current density is too high.
Solution is to reduce current density.

(2)    Pretreatment is not good.
Solution is to improve pretreatment.

(3)    Cu impurity is too much.
Solution is to recover palladium and use new plating bath.

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Electronic connector design and development

Electronic connector is one of the electronic devices, which is widely applied in electronic equipments, space and aviation equipments, defense system, telecommunication equipment, also applied into computers and peripheral products, etc.

1. Target of connector design and development is to meet the requirement of function, structure and material properties.

(1) Conduction and connection function shall meet the requirement of signal transmission and power; the key properties include contact resistance, impedance, cross talk, contact stress, which can ensure DC and AC current transmission and reduce power loss; lower signal interference between capacitors and indicators;   

(2) Stresses, contact force and contact stress shall be considered when design connector structure to avoid material deformation, etc.

(3) Conductivity, fatigability, attrition resistance, electroplating shall be considered when choosing metal material; heat resistance, hygroscopicity, fluidity shall be considered when choosing plastic material.

2. Connector contact resistance

Connector quality depends on contact resistance; contact resistance can be divided in the two parts; contact material resistance and connection interface resistance.

3. Connector conduction and connection

Conduction performance is proportional to contact area, so contact area surface roughness will affect connection area directly.

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Optical fiber connector structure

Optical fiber connector is designed to achieve fiber channel connection, which is widely used in optic fiber communication systems, with various types and structures, but basic structure of various type optical connectors is same, most fiber optic connector are using high precision components for fiber optic connection implementations, high precision component is composed by 2 pins and 1 coupling tube.

Penetrating and fixing fiber optic into pins, then polish pin surface, alignment is achieved in coupling tube.

Outer component material is metal and non metallic material.

Surface grinding treatment is needed for pins mating interface.

Coupling tube common material is ceramic and bronze, etc, which is consisted of two half cylinders.

Most fiber optic connectors are with metal or plastic flange for fixing function.

To improve the alignment of fiber optic, the precision requirement of pins and coupling tube shall be increased. 

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Electric connector manufacturer--sunkye

Connector is an indispensable part of electronic device, when you observing electrical connection, you will find one or more connectors. Electric connector form and structure is ever-changing, different connector form depends on application, frequency, power and environment, etc. For example, connectors for lights and hardware driver are totally different from connector for rocket.

Centrical connector is the mini size connector, also with switch function; application is low frequency circuit, such as earphone, microphone, and power supply.

Strip connector, which is soldered on printed circuit board, reliable connection, easy to us, applied for connection of electric instruments.

Circular connector, screw coupling mechanism is very common, small size, high reliability, can meet the requirement of electronic device connection.

Rectangular connector, with locking component and design, main application is electronic devices, intelligent instruments and electronic control units, etc.

Waterproof sealing connector, which can be applied in water and other harsh environment.

RF coaxial connector is the small type screw coupling mechanism connector, small, light and easy to use, suitable for wireless electronic devices, high frequency circuit connection in electronic instruments, etc. Working frequency is about 500MHz.

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Indutrial connectors and cable

We, Snecma Group Co.,LTD., are manufacturer of connectors, with more than 66 years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing various high quality and best performance military and industrial connectors, also can provide custom connector solutions according to customer requirement.

Fast lock and easy use connectors are requested by industry applications, Snecma industrial connectors and cables can meet this requirement very easily.

Advantage of Snecma indutrial connectors

1. All the connector have to pass very strict inspection before being sent to the market, absolutely ensure the best quality.

2. Shortest lead time, best price

3. Various amount connectors to meet customers' different requirements.

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military,medical,industrial Connector plating material

military,medical,industrial Connector plating on connectors can ensure connection performance and avoid corrosion, oxidation, etc, especially in harsh environment, military connectors, aerospace connectors and also industrial and medical connectors.

Below is plating material details:

Tin (Sn)
Tin plating type is pre-electroplating, pre-cladding, plating. Tin is soft and anti-corrosion with cheap price. Easy to solder, common thickness is 2~4mm, matte or glossy silvery.

Gold (Au)
The best advantage of gold plating is very soft material, anti-corrosion, insoluble in pure acid, good electroconductivity, but very expensive. So elective gold plating is very popular. Gold plated over nickel, common thickness 0.4~3.5mm.

Palladium (Pd)
Palladium can be applied instead of gold plating sometimes.

Nickel (Ni)
Silvery, electroconductivity and weldability is not good, after painted, it is hard and smooth, can be applied for base plating before gold plating.

Silver (Ag)
Gloss white, soft, good electroconductivity and weldability, but very expensive and silver tarnish quickly.

Copper (Cu)

Material electric data:

Material   electrical conductivity    resistivity   specific gravity   melting temperature
Sn              9                   0.11         7.2             230
Ag             62                  0.016        10.5            960
Au             41                  0.024        19.3            1000
Pd             9.1                   0.11        12.0            1552
Ni             14                   0.07         8.9             1450
Cu             57                  0.017         8.9            1084


high performance - high reliability connectors

Sunkye designs, manufactures and markets high performance - high reliability connectors interconnect solutions for severe environments dedicated to the Aerospace, Defense / Space, Heavy Industry (Railway & Mass Transit, Nuclear, Oil & Gas) and Industrial Equipment markets. snecma has a worldwide presence with R & D centers and production sites in Europe, USA,Russia and Canada hased our market.The Company is deeply involved in the environmental protection with industrial sites following ISO 9001 and RoHS products. snecma connectors manufacturer,Providing Leading Edge Solutions.
high performance connectors

military connectors

Sunkye military,medical,industrial connector manufacturer, which provides high reliable military, space and aviation connectors, and also can design and develop custom connectors according to customers' requirement. More information, please visit the website:


Bayonet, Circular, Miniature,Mil-Spec military connectors

Connectors, Electrical, Bayonet (Circular, Miniature, Quick Disconnect, Environment Resisting)
Mil-Spec military connectors

Mil-Spec military connectors

military connectors specification covers the general requirements for two series of environment resisting, quick disconnect, miniature, military circular electrical connectors, and their accessories. Each series contains hermetic receptacles. This connector is widely used in military and industrial applications due to its proven reliability, small size, and range of options. The bayonet mechanism provides fast and easy coupling, especially when the connector is situated in an awkward or hard to reach location. More detailed design information about military standard connectors, please visit our website:

Connector news: Connector development trend is miniature, lighter

Connector news: Connector development trend is miniature, lighter: Unmanned systems, military and commercial avionics systems and welding to install applications require a power and data connector, lighter,...

Connector development trend is miniature, lighter

Unmanned systems, military and commercial avionics systems and welding to install applications require a power and data connector, lighter, smaller, but entrenched military specifications before don't account for the reduced size and weight requirements especially for circular connector connection standard electronic box box or other military equipment.

These military mil specification circular connector to withstand the shock and vibration, salt spray, dust and dirt, and water and humidity, however, a growing number of them is too big, some military smallest platform.

Aviation electronics connector business see system, they see is the big, military circular connector, weigh a lot, military and aerospace applications, quality.
"The military ability of circular connector is really shocked and atmosphere, but you are using too much weight and real estate, in the end who will have to be replaced, you need to design to military standard mil, but how do you change the mil standard?"

Adhesive to the latest generation of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as prime example, today's military connector applications, promoting the development of electronic and optical connector technology.


Military & Aviation exhibition 5th March, 2013

Military & Aviation exhibition is great convention& exhibition for military, aviation technology and products. Many companies participated in this professional show, AMP, Radiall, Molex and Eastronics, etc

Sunkye International Co.,Ltd., Limited (Connector) Business Group, a specialist manufacturer of high performance connectors for various range, space, aerospace, communication, engines, defense system, train, marine, automotive, medical and industrial areas, etc.

Shows a number of different military standard connectors and also provide many interconnect solutions to meet customers’ requirements at the exhibition.

Had a very successful resulting in a number of enquiries and new contacts.

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Connector news: The Development of Circular Connector

Connector news: The Development of Circular Connector: When the connector market develops synchronously with the world economy, the connector varies rapidly as well, as for the circular connector...

The Development of Circular Connector

When the connector market develops synchronously with the world economy,

the connector varies rapidly as well, as for the circular connector, it has been developing to nano circular connector.

The nano circular connector fitted pins and socket with contacting spacing of 0.025” can use 4 times of interconnection devices in the same circular area. The new circuit requires current less than 1A, as the digital processing makes the cable assemblies adopt the smaller cable to accommodate the nano circular connector, therefore the weight and diameter of interconnection network system reduce greatly.

The waterproof circular connector has also been concern by many customers, compared with the general circular connector, waterproof circular connector has following characteristics,

1. Quick connection, the minimum lock rotation, per 1/8 turn can save wiring time and effort greatly.

2. Clicking feeling, click sound will be heard when connection locked and feed back

3. Backward compatible, it can match the standard spiral M12 connector

4. The same protection standard, conform to IP67 requirements.

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New Type M83513 Connector, Overviews of Sunkye International R04 Series Microminiature Rectangular Connector Supplier

This R04 Series Microminiature Rectangular Connector is designed according to E/SC-A7(03)-51-2005 Standard, which also can be used as MIL-DTL-83513 connector, short forM83513 connector. Snecma Group could also provide other mil spec connectors designs for you according to your own needs. Please feel free to contact us, sending E-mail to

Sunkye R04 series microminiature rectangular connector introduction

Number of contact: 9, 15,21, 25, 31, 57 pins etc, miniature connectors.

Use flexible pin (twist pin), good contact performance

The sectional area of the cable core is 0.1mm2 -0.15mm2 besides, you can use 0.070.1mm2 cable, but the item is special.

The performance meet the request of m83513 Standard

The looking component of this series should be ordered separately.If the customer would like the locking component be assembled together with the products,need to issue in the purchase order

Standard: E/SC-A7(03)-51-2005


Huber + Suhner New Connector Double the Optical Fiber Density

Swiss company Huber + Suhner AG says its new LC-XD opticalfiber connector doubles the optical fiber density, and improves the optical fiber operation of the central office and data center. In London FTTH conference of 2013, the new connectors designed and launched by Huber + Suhner can reduce the space significantly, and is helpful to control cost and improve performance.

LC-XD optical fiber connectors have single and double (iniboot) version, can operate 4,032 pcs of optical fiber in a rack, which is twice the density of previous d device processing, the connector is equipped with a rigid and progressive leverage with special push-in mechanism, while allowing greater density and more efficient operation, and supporting vertical space and manual access for installation and ongoing operation.

The LC-XD single edition is dedicated to FTTH network, that is the single optical fiber which meets the household requirement, the connector can be connected in both directions and can be inserted and extracted even in the case of indirect contact. The LC-XD uniboot edition is mainly applied to data center, the connector can inverse polarity without additional tools.

The LC-XD connector is compatible standard adapter, mini LC adapters and optical transceivers are compatible.


Insulation piercing connectors

In order to keeps electrical and mechanical performance of insulation piercing connectors, designers focus on connector structure and material, etc.

Outer shell is made of high quality engineering plastics, so the connector is rugged.

Inner contact material is copper alloy with silver plating, which can withstand high current and suitable for copper-aluminum transition.

Sealing ring can with below functions, anti-moisture, UV resistance, suitable for different temperature and anti-corrosion.

Locking component is designed after calculate strength, when with proper piercing strength, torque nut will be off automatically.


1.       easy to mount
2.       no need remove cable insulating layer, cut main cable
3.       Water-proof
4.       socket wrench are only needed when doing cable assembly
5.       safe for use
6.       Anti-vibration, water-proof, anti-corrosion, etc.
7.       Save cost


Overview at Global Military Connectors

         Among the various types of electronic system of military equipments, the military connector plays a role for electrical connection and signal transmission among component and component, assembly and assembly, system and system, it is the necessary basic component to form a complete system. The main difference of military connectors distinguish from other connectors is strict manufacturing tolerances, rugged construction, high levels of rigorous test, high reliability and high cost is its distinguishing feature.

       The Military connectors mainly include circular connector, rectangular connector, PCB connector, RF connector, special type etc., which are the important engineer to push the connector industrial development, and play an important role in the international connector market.


Global optical fiber connector market and investment opportunities

The growth of bandwidth requirement promoted international optical communication development and fiber optics has become the most important transmission medium for communication area.

As requirement of fiber-to-the-home service growing fast in Europe, USA, and Japan and the market of fiber optics commutation is not developed completely, still with great potential. This also push the development of fiber optics components.

Categories of fiber optics products are optical fiber, cable, optics active component, optics passive component and transmission device, and it request strictly and cost highly.

Main categories of optics passive component are fiber optical connector, coupler, isolator, attenuator, optical add-drop mux, optics switch, etc.  The largest percent of these optics passive components is optical fiber connector, and then the second is optics coupler and isolator.


Military Standard Connectors manufacturer

Military connectors, which are described by military specification and complied with military application, are now used in aerospace, industrial, marine, and even automotive commercial applications.

Sunkye International Co.,Ltd. has developed and manufactured reliable, advance military standard connectors, and these high quality, innovative military connectors are produced for the global market.

Sunkye provide best interconnect solutions and advanced technology, such as twist pin, pogo pin, hyperboloid socket and glass-sintered sealing technology, etc. These connectors are smaller, faster, lighter and more popular than other known products on the markets. 


military,medical,industrial connectors manufacturer

Sunkye International Co.,Ltd., are professional manufacturer and supplier of connectors,such as military,aerospace,medical,RF coaxial, sealed,nano D,backplane connectors and other military standard connectors

High Speed Connector provide solution for signal bandwidth, signal loss and cable handle.

With the greater challenge with both decreases in connectors size and signal pitch, and with increases in signal speeds, such as faster data rates, higher frequency signals and faster signal rise times, Snecma Group Co.,Ltd. designs and develops highspeed connectors to meet the requirement of increasingly
transmission rate improvement by professional research staffs and methods with rich experience in communication and industrial area, and to solve various technological problems when transmission rate over 12.5Gbps by researching and developing, manufacturing and testing etc, Sunkye International Co.,Ltd. can produce innovative original connectors and custom high-speed transmission connectors to meet the needs of communication and industrial system in all directions.   

high speed connectors

The high-speed connectors provide solutions for signal bandwidth, signal loss and cable handle, etc all over the world. “Triple play” and high speed development of communication which promote the development of high-speed connectors, especially for backplane connectors board to board connectors and I/O connectors.


Molex Released Extreme Energetic Heavy-current Connectors

Molex released new EXTremeEnergetiC heavy-currentconnector system several days ago, the new connector system can provide advanced solutions for OEM manufacturers of high-end data communication and power supply manufacturers, and it is used to the application that requires top current for each column area is 100A, the product is the member of Molex EXTreme interconnection and power products , and is specifically designed for the strict application each column area.

RichBenson, the Molex product manager says, at present, the max current for the connector which is designed for high-end computer application is only reach 60A to 75A each column area, and our EXTremeEnergetiC heavy-current connector can support 100A, it is expected that the next generation of the power supply unit requires higher current density.

plug and vertical receptacle, EXTremeEnergetiC connector system has 4 and 6 power column areas and a 25-lead foot signal area, and provide various configurations by modular design to support strict application demands. The data and telecommunication applications include,

1. high-end computer and telecommunication equipment

2. 1U/2U server

3. modular power

4. distribution circuits


Automotive connector design requirements

There are about 1500 connections in one light-vehicle, 50% to 60% connections is for distribution functions.

sunkye--connector manufacturer

sunkye--automotive connector manufacturer

Automotive connectors are applied to harsh environment, such as -40oC to 155oC operating temperature, vibration, oxidation, friction and corrosion, etc; it increased difficulty of connector design.

In order to ensure the connection, we need pay attention to below factors when designing except meeting the standard of USCAR-20;

1.       Good interconnect performance
2.       Stable normal forces
3.       Steady current and voltage
4.       Robustness
5.       Suitable for harsh environment application
6.       Insertion force <20.5kg
7.       Retention force >2.5kg
8.       Operating temperature -40oC to 120oC

Connector designers also need find and analyze the physical and mechanical phenomena which will affect connector performance, evaluating connector stability with precision test according to automotive manufacturers’ application and performance requirements.


The Basic Knowledge of Automobile Connectors

The connector is commonly-used electric device, it plays the role of circuits connection, and its types can be divided into network connector, optical fiber connector and industrial connector etc., here let’s get to know about some basic knowledge of automobile connectors.

The automobile connector is mainly used in the electronic engineering technology, it is simple but very important, it connects the isolated circuits and keep them clear and energized. The automobile connector consist of four parts, contact, insulator, accessory and shell.

A car needs thousands types of connectors, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people require higher for car, such as the comfort, safety and environmental protection, therefore the relative electric products are increasing, and the automobile connectors are increasing accordingly.

Thought automobile connector is small in appearance, it is very important, if a connector lacks, the car can’t operate well even stop to work, so the protection for connectors as important as the maintenance for maintenance ,we must pay enough attention for this.


Military optical cable connector

Military optical cable connector is designed for field operations equipments, with bayonet coupling mechanism and mis-operation design, mating type is plug-to-plug, plug-to-receptacle, and receptacle-to-receptacle. Advantages are low connection loss, high reliability, robust, waterproof, anti-dust and can be applied in harsh environment, etc.

Application: military optical fiber communication networks, military computer, airborne equipment, shipboard equipment, optical cable repair system, etc.


1.       No need flange or adaptor, fast connection;

2.       With guide pin, avoid mis-operation, high-precision contacts ensured fiber connection precision, compatibility and repeatability;

3.       Outer shell material is all dielectric and high strength composite, light weight, high strength can avoid electro-magnetic induction and protect equipments.

4.       With back shell on plug and receptacle, anti-dust

5.       Standard ceramic pin and outer shell size, suitable for current equipments.


High-speed Connectors Require Topspeed

With the advancement of technology, the electronic products are getting more demanding for the information transfer rate. The well-known manufacturers, such as the molex, Tyco, Snecma devoted great efforts to research and develop high-speed connector in the last ten years, which increase the transmission speed very fast, the speed ​​has increased from 0.1Gbps to more than 10Gbps,under such fast growth conditions, the high-speed communication connector requires topspeed and keep sustaining innovations as well.

If you want to pass the speed around 1Gbps,2mm hard metric connector will be fine,if 5Gbps, the special 2mm hard metric crimp connector is required, if 10Gbps, fiber optic backplane or Snecma H02 high speed connector is suggested, if 40Gbps or higher ,a project is a must.

The 5Gbps high-speed communication connector with 600mm cable and FR4 PCB material is more popular, in such integration circuit, the connector play very important role, however the 5Gbps connector has become the bottleneck of high-speed design. For  5Gbps connectors, the variable factors is choosing low-loss medium as PCB material, proceeding alternate hole in through-hole design and adopting coupled differential traces. But the frequency response, impedance, crosstalk, time delay, propagation delay are fixed factors. From the interface to PCB, the user can consider stubbing effect, footprint noise and must increase the anti-pad and trace shape.

The ERmet ZD connector of German ERNI Group is high-speed and high compatibility communication connector, which is one of the typical products of the 2mm HM connector and designed especially for high-speed differential applications, support speeds over 5.0Gbps. ERmet ZD has also been adopted by some international standards, ERmet ZD as a connector of the high-speed communications, the VITA standards body selected it as the latest connecting component for serial computing architecture VITA 34.

Tyco, Snecma and other famous connector manufacturers have intensified to research and develop high-speed communication connector, because the fiber optic connectors have great advantages in transmission rate and information accommodation. Human wisdom is infinite, we believe that high-speed communication connector will continuously to surpass the connector transmission speed.


Choose the right industrial connector

The whole equipment’s performance will be influenced by a small connector, so a right connector is absolutely vital, how to choose the right industrial connector? Below are the key points we should pay attention to;

1. Connector type -It is decided by applications, whether the hermetic sealed need be enhanced or back shell shall be added is upon to the application environment, termination type and contacts no. is chosen according to connector type and spec.

2. Electric property -Rated current, voltage, contact resistance, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, VSWR, EMI shielding effectiveness, etc shall be considered when choosing industrial connectors.

3. Application environment –Humidity and temperature are the main factors. For harsh environment, shock, vibration, production environment (such as temperature for solder, how long it will be taken) also need be noted when choosing connectors.

4. Mechanical requirements –dimension, insertion and extraction force, life time, footprint are very important for choosing the right connectors. For example, PCB layout tolerance is significant for connectors with PCB termination. 


The Manufacturer of Military Connector

The military and aerospace connectors have been developing rapidly in recent years, combining the development of weapons and equipment, six types of military connectors are focus to be developed form the height of the strategic development, the space RF connectors & cable assemblies, high-speed connector, fiber optic connector ,nano-miniature connector, high voltage connector and circular connector.

Form the military connector market overview, as for the product structure of the latest global electronic components, the connector has become the second industry only to the PCB electronic components, the connector standing rises further, military connector is the necessary component which constitute the complete weaponry system. Compare with commercial connector, it is a kind of special, sensitive connector.

The Military connector has a remarkable features, strict manufactured tolerances, rugged construction, high reliability, high cost and resistance to harsh environment. Usually, the connector  used in the military industry include circular connector, rectangular connector, printed circuit board connector, RF connector and a small amount of special connectors.

How to purchase military connector? Nowadays, there are many global connector manufacturers, but only a few are able to produce military connector in the true sense. Snecma is a professional military connector manufacturer who has 65-years experience in design, R & D and manufacturing, and can provide the best connector solutions, with competitive price, professional team and the best service, Snecma earned good reputation.