military connector


The Manufacturer of Military Connector

The military and aerospace connectors have been developing rapidly in recent years, combining the development of weapons and equipment, six types of military connectors are focus to be developed form the height of the strategic development, the space RF connectors & cable assemblies, high-speed connector, fiber optic connector ,nano-miniature connector, high voltage connector and circular connector.

Form the military connector market overview, as for the product structure of the latest global electronic components, the connector has become the second industry only to the PCB electronic components, the connector standing rises further, military connector is the necessary component which constitute the complete weaponry system. Compare with commercial connector, it is a kind of special, sensitive connector.

The Military connector has a remarkable features, strict manufactured tolerances, rugged construction, high reliability, high cost and resistance to harsh environment. Usually, the connector  used in the military industry include circular connector, rectangular connector, printed circuit board connector, RF connector and a small amount of special connectors.

How to purchase military connector? Nowadays, there are many global connector manufacturers, but only a few are able to produce military connector in the true sense. Snecma is a professional military connector manufacturer who has 65-years experience in design, R & D and manufacturing, and can provide the best connector solutions, with competitive price, professional team and the best service, Snecma earned good reputation.