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Choose the right industrial connector

The whole equipment’s performance will be influenced by a small connector, so a right connector is absolutely vital, how to choose the right industrial connector? Below are the key points we should pay attention to;

1. Connector type -It is decided by applications, whether the hermetic sealed need be enhanced or back shell shall be added is upon to the application environment, termination type and contacts no. is chosen according to connector type and spec.

2. Electric property -Rated current, voltage, contact resistance, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, VSWR, EMI shielding effectiveness, etc shall be considered when choosing industrial connectors.

3. Application environment –Humidity and temperature are the main factors. For harsh environment, shock, vibration, production environment (such as temperature for solder, how long it will be taken) also need be noted when choosing connectors.

4. Mechanical requirements –dimension, insertion and extraction force, life time, footprint are very important for choosing the right connectors. For example, PCB layout tolerance is significant for connectors with PCB termination.