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The Basic Knowledge of Automobile Connectors

The connector is commonly-used electric device, it plays the role of circuits connection, and its types can be divided into network connector, optical fiber connector and industrial connector etc., here let’s get to know about some basic knowledge of automobile connectors.

The automobile connector is mainly used in the electronic engineering technology, it is simple but very important, it connects the isolated circuits and keep them clear and energized. The automobile connector consist of four parts, contact, insulator, accessory and shell.

A car needs thousands types of connectors, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people require higher for car, such as the comfort, safety and environmental protection, therefore the relative electric products are increasing, and the automobile connectors are increasing accordingly.

Thought automobile connector is small in appearance, it is very important, if a connector lacks, the car can’t operate well even stop to work, so the protection for connectors as important as the maintenance for maintenance ,we must pay enough attention for this.