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High-speed Connectors Require Topspeed

With the advancement of technology, the electronic products are getting more demanding for the information transfer rate. The well-known manufacturers, such as the molex, Tyco, Snecma devoted great efforts to research and develop high-speed connector in the last ten years, which increase the transmission speed very fast, the speed ​​has increased from 0.1Gbps to more than 10Gbps,under such fast growth conditions, the high-speed communication connector requires topspeed and keep sustaining innovations as well.

If you want to pass the speed around 1Gbps,2mm hard metric connector will be fine,if 5Gbps, the special 2mm hard metric crimp connector is required, if 10Gbps, fiber optic backplane or Snecma H02 high speed connector is suggested, if 40Gbps or higher ,a project is a must.

The 5Gbps high-speed communication connector with 600mm cable and FR4 PCB material is more popular, in such integration circuit, the connector play very important role, however the 5Gbps connector has become the bottleneck of high-speed design. For  5Gbps connectors, the variable factors is choosing low-loss medium as PCB material, proceeding alternate hole in through-hole design and adopting coupled differential traces. But the frequency response, impedance, crosstalk, time delay, propagation delay are fixed factors. From the interface to PCB, the user can consider stubbing effect, footprint noise and must increase the anti-pad and trace shape.

The ERmet ZD connector of German ERNI Group is high-speed and high compatibility communication connector, which is one of the typical products of the 2mm HM connector and designed especially for high-speed differential applications, support speeds over 5.0Gbps. ERmet ZD has also been adopted by some international standards, ERmet ZD as a connector of the high-speed communications, the VITA standards body selected it as the latest connecting component for serial computing architecture VITA 34.

Tyco, Snecma and other famous connector manufacturers have intensified to research and develop high-speed communication connector, because the fiber optic connectors have great advantages in transmission rate and information accommodation. Human wisdom is infinite, we believe that high-speed communication connector will continuously to surpass the connector transmission speed.