military connector


Insulation piercing connectors

In order to keeps electrical and mechanical performance of insulation piercing connectors, designers focus on connector structure and material, etc.

Outer shell is made of high quality engineering plastics, so the connector is rugged.

Inner contact material is copper alloy with silver plating, which can withstand high current and suitable for copper-aluminum transition.

Sealing ring can with below functions, anti-moisture, UV resistance, suitable for different temperature and anti-corrosion.

Locking component is designed after calculate strength, when with proper piercing strength, torque nut will be off automatically.


1.       easy to mount
2.       no need remove cable insulating layer, cut main cable
3.       Water-proof
4.       socket wrench are only needed when doing cable assembly
5.       safe for use
6.       Anti-vibration, water-proof, anti-corrosion, etc.
7.       Save cost


Overview at Global Military Connectors

         Among the various types of electronic system of military equipments, the military connector plays a role for electrical connection and signal transmission among component and component, assembly and assembly, system and system, it is the necessary basic component to form a complete system. The main difference of military connectors distinguish from other connectors is strict manufacturing tolerances, rugged construction, high levels of rigorous test, high reliability and high cost is its distinguishing feature.

       The Military connectors mainly include circular connector, rectangular connector, PCB connector, RF connector, special type etc., which are the important engineer to push the connector industrial development, and play an important role in the international connector market.


Global optical fiber connector market and investment opportunities

The growth of bandwidth requirement promoted international optical communication development and fiber optics has become the most important transmission medium for communication area.

As requirement of fiber-to-the-home service growing fast in Europe, USA, and Japan and the market of fiber optics commutation is not developed completely, still with great potential. This also push the development of fiber optics components.

Categories of fiber optics products are optical fiber, cable, optics active component, optics passive component and transmission device, and it request strictly and cost highly.

Main categories of optics passive component are fiber optical connector, coupler, isolator, attenuator, optical add-drop mux, optics switch, etc.  The largest percent of these optics passive components is optical fiber connector, and then the second is optics coupler and isolator.


Military Standard Connectors manufacturer

Military connectors, which are described by military specification and complied with military application, are now used in aerospace, industrial, marine, and even automotive commercial applications.

Sunkye International Co.,Ltd. has developed and manufactured reliable, advance military standard connectors, and these high quality, innovative military connectors are produced for the global market.

Sunkye provide best interconnect solutions and advanced technology, such as twist pin, pogo pin, hyperboloid socket and glass-sintered sealing technology, etc. These connectors are smaller, faster, lighter and more popular than other known products on the markets. 


military,medical,industrial connectors manufacturer

Sunkye International Co.,Ltd., are professional manufacturer and supplier of connectors,such as military,aerospace,medical,RF coaxial, sealed,nano D,backplane connectors and other military standard connectors

High Speed Connector provide solution for signal bandwidth, signal loss and cable handle.

With the greater challenge with both decreases in connectors size and signal pitch, and with increases in signal speeds, such as faster data rates, higher frequency signals and faster signal rise times, Snecma Group Co.,Ltd. designs and develops highspeed connectors to meet the requirement of increasingly
transmission rate improvement by professional research staffs and methods with rich experience in communication and industrial area, and to solve various technological problems when transmission rate over 12.5Gbps by researching and developing, manufacturing and testing etc, Sunkye International Co.,Ltd. can produce innovative original connectors and custom high-speed transmission connectors to meet the needs of communication and industrial system in all directions.   

high speed connectors

The high-speed connectors provide solutions for signal bandwidth, signal loss and cable handle, etc all over the world. “Triple play” and high speed development of communication which promote the development of high-speed connectors, especially for backplane connectors board to board connectors and I/O connectors.


Molex Released Extreme Energetic Heavy-current Connectors

Molex released new EXTremeEnergetiC heavy-currentconnector system several days ago, the new connector system can provide advanced solutions for OEM manufacturers of high-end data communication and power supply manufacturers, and it is used to the application that requires top current for each column area is 100A, the product is the member of Molex EXTreme interconnection and power products , and is specifically designed for the strict application each column area.

RichBenson, the Molex product manager says, at present, the max current for the connector which is designed for high-end computer application is only reach 60A to 75A each column area, and our EXTremeEnergetiC heavy-current connector can support 100A, it is expected that the next generation of the power supply unit requires higher current density.

plug and vertical receptacle, EXTremeEnergetiC connector system has 4 and 6 power column areas and a 25-lead foot signal area, and provide various configurations by modular design to support strict application demands. The data and telecommunication applications include,

1. high-end computer and telecommunication equipment

2. 1U/2U server

3. modular power

4. distribution circuits