military connector


Sunkye Micro D connector with twist pin technology

Sunkye Micro d connectors qualified  to MIL-DTL-83513 is one of the most widely used .050 inch (1.27mm) pitch connectors for military and high-end commercial applications. Micro d connector is ideal where packaging requires a small size and low weight, as well as a highly reliable and rugged connector that has electrical and mechanical integrity under extreme vibration and shock conditions. The heart of the sunkye miro d connector is the unique wire form pin that provides seven points of contact when mated to the socket. Applications include electronics in missiles, aircraft, launch vehicles, satellites and computers.
Sunkye connectors are available as all plastic in 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37 and 51 positions and metal shell versions in 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51 and 100 positions. In addition, Termination can be solder cup, crimp,straight or right angle to PCB mount
As well as Standard Parts, Sunkye provides a wide variety of specials and wired harnesses to industry. Please contact us with your custom or harness needs.

Sunkye Twist Pin Technology

Sunkye has teamed our Proven twist pin Technology with these custom designed insulators capable of meeting the extreme mechanical and electrical needs in the harshest environments of military/aerospace and industrial applications such as Down Hole Directional Drilling
The Sunkye Twist Pin advantage
  • Combine the twist pin performance with increased temperature range
  • BeCu wire strands provide seven points of electrical contact
  • Achieve high mating cycles and better resistance to shock and vibration
  • Approved system applications (Aerospace, Defense and Geo-Thermal)
  • Qualified and approved to Mil-DTL-83513


New Innovation for connector with super pin contact

Super Pin contact is also  famous for fuzz botton,it's widely used in military,aviation,aerospace

Medical and industries application etc

Super Pin contact adopts advanced no Welding compression-style interconnect technology.

It often used inSemiconductor test sockets and PCB(board to board) interconnects where low-

distortion transmission lines are a necessity.  
Supper Pin offers superior value to other contact technologies such as Pogo Pins, Spring 

Probes, Hyberboloid contacts or even soldering. This becomes especially evident when

requirements such as low signal distortion, high frequency, low insertion force, planarity,

shock/vibration resistance, weight and/or extended life come into play.