military connector


Military optical cable connector

Military optical cable connector is designed for field operations equipments, with bayonet coupling mechanism and mis-operation design, mating type is plug-to-plug, plug-to-receptacle, and receptacle-to-receptacle. Advantages are low connection loss, high reliability, robust, waterproof, anti-dust and can be applied in harsh environment, etc.

Application: military optical fiber communication networks, military computer, airborne equipment, shipboard equipment, optical cable repair system, etc.


1.       No need flange or adaptor, fast connection;

2.       With guide pin, avoid mis-operation, high-precision contacts ensured fiber connection precision, compatibility and repeatability;

3.       Outer shell material is all dielectric and high strength composite, light weight, high strength can avoid electro-magnetic induction and protect equipments.

4.       With back shell on plug and receptacle, anti-dust

5.       Standard ceramic pin and outer shell size, suitable for current equipments.