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Molex Released Extreme Energetic Heavy-current Connectors

Molex released new EXTremeEnergetiC heavy-currentconnector system several days ago, the new connector system can provide advanced solutions for OEM manufacturers of high-end data communication and power supply manufacturers, and it is used to the application that requires top current for each column area is 100A, the product is the member of Molex EXTreme interconnection and power products , and is specifically designed for the strict application each column area.

RichBenson, the Molex product manager says, at present, the max current for the connector which is designed for high-end computer application is only reach 60A to 75A each column area, and our EXTremeEnergetiC heavy-current connector can support 100A, it is expected that the next generation of the power supply unit requires higher current density.

plug and vertical receptacle, EXTremeEnergetiC connector system has 4 and 6 power column areas and a 25-lead foot signal area, and provide various configurations by modular design to support strict application demands. The data and telecommunication applications include,

1. high-end computer and telecommunication equipment

2. 1U/2U server

3. modular power

4. distribution circuits