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Optical fiber connector structure

Optical fiber connector is designed to achieve fiber channel connection, which is widely used in optic fiber communication systems, with various types and structures, but basic structure of various type optical connectors is same, most fiber optic connector are using high precision components for fiber optic connection implementations, high precision component is composed by 2 pins and 1 coupling tube.

Penetrating and fixing fiber optic into pins, then polish pin surface, alignment is achieved in coupling tube.

Outer component material is metal and non metallic material.

Surface grinding treatment is needed for pins mating interface.

Coupling tube common material is ceramic and bronze, etc, which is consisted of two half cylinders.

Most fiber optic connectors are with metal or plastic flange for fixing function.

To improve the alignment of fiber optic, the precision requirement of pins and coupling tube shall be increased. 

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Electric connector manufacturer--sunkye

Connector is an indispensable part of electronic device, when you observing electrical connection, you will find one or more connectors. Electric connector form and structure is ever-changing, different connector form depends on application, frequency, power and environment, etc. For example, connectors for lights and hardware driver are totally different from connector for rocket.

Centrical connector is the mini size connector, also with switch function; application is low frequency circuit, such as earphone, microphone, and power supply.

Strip connector, which is soldered on printed circuit board, reliable connection, easy to us, applied for connection of electric instruments.

Circular connector, screw coupling mechanism is very common, small size, high reliability, can meet the requirement of electronic device connection.

Rectangular connector, with locking component and design, main application is electronic devices, intelligent instruments and electronic control units, etc.

Waterproof sealing connector, which can be applied in water and other harsh environment.

RF coaxial connector is the small type screw coupling mechanism connector, small, light and easy to use, suitable for wireless electronic devices, high frequency circuit connection in electronic instruments, etc. Working frequency is about 500MHz.

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Indutrial connectors and cable

We, Snecma Group Co.,LTD., are manufacturer of connectors, with more than 66 years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing various high quality and best performance military and industrial connectors, also can provide custom connector solutions according to customer requirement.

Fast lock and easy use connectors are requested by industry applications, Snecma industrial connectors and cables can meet this requirement very easily.

Advantage of Snecma indutrial connectors

1. All the connector have to pass very strict inspection before being sent to the market, absolutely ensure the best quality.

2. Shortest lead time, best price

3. Various amount connectors to meet customers' different requirements.

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military,medical,industrial Connector plating material

military,medical,industrial Connector plating on connectors can ensure connection performance and avoid corrosion, oxidation, etc, especially in harsh environment, military connectors, aerospace connectors and also industrial and medical connectors.

Below is plating material details:

Tin (Sn)
Tin plating type is pre-electroplating, pre-cladding, plating. Tin is soft and anti-corrosion with cheap price. Easy to solder, common thickness is 2~4mm, matte or glossy silvery.

Gold (Au)
The best advantage of gold plating is very soft material, anti-corrosion, insoluble in pure acid, good electroconductivity, but very expensive. So elective gold plating is very popular. Gold plated over nickel, common thickness 0.4~3.5mm.

Palladium (Pd)
Palladium can be applied instead of gold plating sometimes.

Nickel (Ni)
Silvery, electroconductivity and weldability is not good, after painted, it is hard and smooth, can be applied for base plating before gold plating.

Silver (Ag)
Gloss white, soft, good electroconductivity and weldability, but very expensive and silver tarnish quickly.

Copper (Cu)

Material electric data:

Material   electrical conductivity    resistivity   specific gravity   melting temperature
Sn              9                   0.11         7.2             230
Ag             62                  0.016        10.5            960
Au             41                  0.024        19.3            1000
Pd             9.1                   0.11        12.0            1552
Ni             14                   0.07         8.9             1450
Cu             57                  0.017         8.9            1084


high performance - high reliability connectors

Sunkye designs, manufactures and markets high performance - high reliability connectors interconnect solutions for severe environments dedicated to the Aerospace, Defense / Space, Heavy Industry (Railway & Mass Transit, Nuclear, Oil & Gas) and Industrial Equipment markets. snecma has a worldwide presence with R & D centers and production sites in Europe, USA,Russia and Canada hased our market.The Company is deeply involved in the environmental protection with industrial sites following ISO 9001 and RoHS products. snecma connectors manufacturer,Providing Leading Edge Solutions.
high performance connectors

military connectors

Sunkye military,medical,industrial connector manufacturer, which provides high reliable military, space and aviation connectors, and also can design and develop custom connectors according to customers' requirement. More information, please visit the website:


Bayonet, Circular, Miniature,Mil-Spec military connectors

Connectors, Electrical, Bayonet (Circular, Miniature, Quick Disconnect, Environment Resisting)
Mil-Spec military connectors

Mil-Spec military connectors

military connectors specification covers the general requirements for two series of environment resisting, quick disconnect, miniature, military circular electrical connectors, and their accessories. Each series contains hermetic receptacles. This connector is widely used in military and industrial applications due to its proven reliability, small size, and range of options. The bayonet mechanism provides fast and easy coupling, especially when the connector is situated in an awkward or hard to reach location. More detailed design information about military standard connectors, please visit our website:

Connector news: Connector development trend is miniature, lighter

Connector news: Connector development trend is miniature, lighter: Unmanned systems, military and commercial avionics systems and welding to install applications require a power and data connector, lighter,...

Connector development trend is miniature, lighter

Unmanned systems, military and commercial avionics systems and welding to install applications require a power and data connector, lighter, smaller, but entrenched military specifications before don't account for the reduced size and weight requirements especially for circular connector connection standard electronic box box or other military equipment.

These military mil specification circular connector to withstand the shock and vibration, salt spray, dust and dirt, and water and humidity, however, a growing number of them is too big, some military smallest platform.

Aviation electronics connector business see system, they see is the big, military circular connector, weigh a lot, military and aerospace applications, quality.
"The military ability of circular connector is really shocked and atmosphere, but you are using too much weight and real estate, in the end who will have to be replaced, you need to design to military standard mil, but how do you change the mil standard?"

Adhesive to the latest generation of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as prime example, today's military connector applications, promoting the development of electronic and optical connector technology.


Military & Aviation exhibition 5th March, 2013

Military & Aviation exhibition is great convention& exhibition for military, aviation technology and products. Many companies participated in this professional show, AMP, Radiall, Molex and Eastronics, etc

Sunkye International Co.,Ltd., Limited (Connector) Business Group, a specialist manufacturer of high performance connectors for various range, space, aerospace, communication, engines, defense system, train, marine, automotive, medical and industrial areas, etc.

Shows a number of different military standard connectors and also provide many interconnect solutions to meet customers’ requirements at the exhibition.

Had a very successful resulting in a number of enquiries and new contacts.

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Connector news: The Development of Circular Connector

Connector news: The Development of Circular Connector: When the connector market develops synchronously with the world economy, the connector varies rapidly as well, as for the circular connector...

The Development of Circular Connector

When the connector market develops synchronously with the world economy,

the connector varies rapidly as well, as for the circular connector, it has been developing to nano circular connector.

The nano circular connector fitted pins and socket with contacting spacing of 0.025” can use 4 times of interconnection devices in the same circular area. The new circuit requires current less than 1A, as the digital processing makes the cable assemblies adopt the smaller cable to accommodate the nano circular connector, therefore the weight and diameter of interconnection network system reduce greatly.

The waterproof circular connector has also been concern by many customers, compared with the general circular connector, waterproof circular connector has following characteristics,

1. Quick connection, the minimum lock rotation, per 1/8 turn can save wiring time and effort greatly.

2. Clicking feeling, click sound will be heard when connection locked and feed back

3. Backward compatible, it can match the standard spiral M12 connector

4. The same protection standard, conform to IP67 requirements.

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New Type M83513 Connector, Overviews of Sunkye International R04 Series Microminiature Rectangular Connector Supplier

This R04 Series Microminiature Rectangular Connector is designed according to E/SC-A7(03)-51-2005 Standard, which also can be used as MIL-DTL-83513 connector, short forM83513 connector. Snecma Group could also provide other mil spec connectors designs for you according to your own needs. Please feel free to contact us, sending E-mail to

Sunkye R04 series microminiature rectangular connector introduction

Number of contact: 9, 15,21, 25, 31, 57 pins etc, miniature connectors.

Use flexible pin (twist pin), good contact performance

The sectional area of the cable core is 0.1mm2 -0.15mm2 besides, you can use 0.070.1mm2 cable, but the item is special.

The performance meet the request of m83513 Standard

The looking component of this series should be ordered separately.If the customer would like the locking component be assembled together with the products,need to issue in the purchase order

Standard: E/SC-A7(03)-51-2005


Huber + Suhner New Connector Double the Optical Fiber Density

Swiss company Huber + Suhner AG says its new LC-XD opticalfiber connector doubles the optical fiber density, and improves the optical fiber operation of the central office and data center. In London FTTH conference of 2013, the new connectors designed and launched by Huber + Suhner can reduce the space significantly, and is helpful to control cost and improve performance.

LC-XD optical fiber connectors have single and double (iniboot) version, can operate 4,032 pcs of optical fiber in a rack, which is twice the density of previous d device processing, the connector is equipped with a rigid and progressive leverage with special push-in mechanism, while allowing greater density and more efficient operation, and supporting vertical space and manual access for installation and ongoing operation.

The LC-XD single edition is dedicated to FTTH network, that is the single optical fiber which meets the household requirement, the connector can be connected in both directions and can be inserted and extracted even in the case of indirect contact. The LC-XD uniboot edition is mainly applied to data center, the connector can inverse polarity without additional tools.

The LC-XD connector is compatible standard adapter, mini LC adapters and optical transceivers are compatible.