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The Development of Circular Connector

When the connector market develops synchronously with the world economy,

the connector varies rapidly as well, as for the circular connector, it has been developing to nano circular connector.

The nano circular connector fitted pins and socket with contacting spacing of 0.025” can use 4 times of interconnection devices in the same circular area. The new circuit requires current less than 1A, as the digital processing makes the cable assemblies adopt the smaller cable to accommodate the nano circular connector, therefore the weight and diameter of interconnection network system reduce greatly.

The waterproof circular connector has also been concern by many customers, compared with the general circular connector, waterproof circular connector has following characteristics,

1. Quick connection, the minimum lock rotation, per 1/8 turn can save wiring time and effort greatly.

2. Clicking feeling, click sound will be heard when connection locked and feed back

3. Backward compatible, it can match the standard spiral M12 connector

4. The same protection standard, conform to IP67 requirements.

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