military connector


military,medical,industrial Connector plating material

military,medical,industrial Connector plating on connectors can ensure connection performance and avoid corrosion, oxidation, etc, especially in harsh environment, military connectors, aerospace connectors and also industrial and medical connectors.

Below is plating material details:

Tin (Sn)
Tin plating type is pre-electroplating, pre-cladding, plating. Tin is soft and anti-corrosion with cheap price. Easy to solder, common thickness is 2~4mm, matte or glossy silvery.

Gold (Au)
The best advantage of gold plating is very soft material, anti-corrosion, insoluble in pure acid, good electroconductivity, but very expensive. So elective gold plating is very popular. Gold plated over nickel, common thickness 0.4~3.5mm.

Palladium (Pd)
Palladium can be applied instead of gold plating sometimes.

Nickel (Ni)
Silvery, electroconductivity and weldability is not good, after painted, it is hard and smooth, can be applied for base plating before gold plating.

Silver (Ag)
Gloss white, soft, good electroconductivity and weldability, but very expensive and silver tarnish quickly.

Copper (Cu)

Material electric data:

Material   electrical conductivity    resistivity   specific gravity   melting temperature
Sn              9                   0.11         7.2             230
Ag             62                  0.016        10.5            960
Au             41                  0.024        19.3            1000
Pd             9.1                   0.11        12.0            1552
Ni             14                   0.07         8.9             1450
Cu             57                  0.017         8.9            1084