military connector


Connector development trend is miniature, lighter

Unmanned systems, military and commercial avionics systems and welding to install applications require a power and data connector, lighter, smaller, but entrenched military specifications before don't account for the reduced size and weight requirements especially for circular connector connection standard electronic box box or other military equipment.

These military mil specification circular connector to withstand the shock and vibration, salt spray, dust and dirt, and water and humidity, however, a growing number of them is too big, some military smallest platform.

Aviation electronics connector business see system, they see is the big, military circular connector, weigh a lot, military and aerospace applications, quality.
"The military ability of circular connector is really shocked and atmosphere, but you are using too much weight and real estate, in the end who will have to be replaced, you need to design to military standard mil, but how do you change the mil standard?"

Adhesive to the latest generation of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as prime example, today's military connector applications, promoting the development of electronic and optical connector technology.