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Huber + Suhner New Connector Double the Optical Fiber Density

Swiss company Huber + Suhner AG says its new LC-XD opticalfiber connector doubles the optical fiber density, and improves the optical fiber operation of the central office and data center. In London FTTH conference of 2013, the new connectors designed and launched by Huber + Suhner can reduce the space significantly, and is helpful to control cost and improve performance.

LC-XD optical fiber connectors have single and double (iniboot) version, can operate 4,032 pcs of optical fiber in a rack, which is twice the density of previous d device processing, the connector is equipped with a rigid and progressive leverage with special push-in mechanism, while allowing greater density and more efficient operation, and supporting vertical space and manual access for installation and ongoing operation.

The LC-XD single edition is dedicated to FTTH network, that is the single optical fiber which meets the household requirement, the connector can be connected in both directions and can be inserted and extracted even in the case of indirect contact. The LC-XD uniboot edition is mainly applied to data center, the connector can inverse polarity without additional tools.

The LC-XD connector is compatible standard adapter, mini LC adapters and optical transceivers are compatible.