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Connector is an indispensable part of electronic device, when you observing electrical connection, you will find one or more connectors. Electric connector form and structure is ever-changing, different connector form depends on application, frequency, power and environment, etc. For example, connectors for lights and hardware driver are totally different from connector for rocket.

Centrical connector is the mini size connector, also with switch function; application is low frequency circuit, such as earphone, microphone, and power supply.

Strip connector, which is soldered on printed circuit board, reliable connection, easy to us, applied for connection of electric instruments.

Circular connector, screw coupling mechanism is very common, small size, high reliability, can meet the requirement of electronic device connection.

Rectangular connector, with locking component and design, main application is electronic devices, intelligent instruments and electronic control units, etc.

Waterproof sealing connector, which can be applied in water and other harsh environment.

RF coaxial connector is the small type screw coupling mechanism connector, small, light and easy to use, suitable for wireless electronic devices, high frequency circuit connection in electronic instruments, etc. Working frequency is about 500MHz.

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