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High Speed Connector provide solution for signal bandwidth, signal loss and cable handle.

With the greater challenge with both decreases in connectors size and signal pitch, and with increases in signal speeds, such as faster data rates, higher frequency signals and faster signal rise times, Snecma Group Co.,Ltd. designs and develops highspeed connectors to meet the requirement of increasingly
transmission rate improvement by professional research staffs and methods with rich experience in communication and industrial area, and to solve various technological problems when transmission rate over 12.5Gbps by researching and developing, manufacturing and testing etc, Sunkye International Co.,Ltd. can produce innovative original connectors and custom high-speed transmission connectors to meet the needs of communication and industrial system in all directions.   

high speed connectors

The high-speed connectors provide solutions for signal bandwidth, signal loss and cable handle, etc all over the world. “Triple play” and high speed development of communication which promote the development of high-speed connectors, especially for backplane connectors board to board connectors and I/O connectors.