military connector


Insulation piercing connectors

In order to keeps electrical and mechanical performance of insulation piercing connectors, designers focus on connector structure and material, etc.

Outer shell is made of high quality engineering plastics, so the connector is rugged.

Inner contact material is copper alloy with silver plating, which can withstand high current and suitable for copper-aluminum transition.

Sealing ring can with below functions, anti-moisture, UV resistance, suitable for different temperature and anti-corrosion.

Locking component is designed after calculate strength, when with proper piercing strength, torque nut will be off automatically.


1.       easy to mount
2.       no need remove cable insulating layer, cut main cable
3.       Water-proof
4.       socket wrench are only needed when doing cable assembly
5.       safe for use
6.       Anti-vibration, water-proof, anti-corrosion, etc.
7.       Save cost