military connector


How to solve and prevent connector EMI problems

EMI problem will influence connector performance, especially for special applications, military connector, aerospace connector, oil & gas application connectors, etc.

When meeting the EMI problems, below are some methods to solve it.

1.       Put the electro conductive plastics around the connector, as it is soft, this can solve the problem between connector outer shell and gasket.

2.       Engineers shall mount the connector according to connector outer shell tolerance.

3.       Achieve impedance bond between connector and outer shell, ensure connection performance.

4.       Force-cooled design is needed, also shall confirm the sealed function between connector insulator and outer shell. Keep gasket clean.

For I/O common-mode noise, some basic method can solve or reduce it.

1.       Set decoupling capacitor near load point

2.       Pulse current loop size shall be minimized.

3.       High power component shall be kept away from I/O port

4.       Ensure signal integrity

5.       Partial filtering