military connector


Electronic connector design and development

Electronic connector is one of the electronic devices, which is widely applied in electronic equipments, space and aviation equipments, defense system, telecommunication equipment, also applied into computers and peripheral products, etc.

1. Target of connector design and development is to meet the requirement of function, structure and material properties.

(1) Conduction and connection function shall meet the requirement of signal transmission and power; the key properties include contact resistance, impedance, cross talk, contact stress, which can ensure DC and AC current transmission and reduce power loss; lower signal interference between capacitors and indicators;   

(2) Stresses, contact force and contact stress shall be considered when design connector structure to avoid material deformation, etc.

(3) Conductivity, fatigability, attrition resistance, electroplating shall be considered when choosing metal material; heat resistance, hygroscopicity, fluidity shall be considered when choosing plastic material.

2. Connector contact resistance

Connector quality depends on contact resistance; contact resistance can be divided in the two parts; contact material resistance and connection interface resistance.

3. Connector conduction and connection

Conduction performance is proportional to contact area, so contact area surface roughness will affect connection area directly.

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