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Sunkye Space Grade Micro D Connector

Space Grade Micro D Connector

Sunkye International Co.,LTD's space connector solution provide microminiature size connector, reduce the system size and weight, with highest performance.
Sunkye twist pin connector widely used in signal-module space station,more space station module combination,integrated trackl base. 

Rocket launcher 
Navigational systems
Experiment module
Service module

Sunkye space grade Micro D connectors utilise the twist pin contacts to ensure high reliablity performace, they are built to meet the performance requirements of space applications, they are a good choice for all types of orbital and deep space projects.
Sunkye Space grade Micro D twist pin connectors are designed for cable and PCB application,for the straight to PCB connecots,there are two styles (SA and SB),the Aluminum shell sizes of each style can be offered from 9 to 51contacts,high density contact designed,1.27mm contacts spacing, 1.1mm spacing between rows for the mating face of connectors.

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